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Meet Our Therapist

Hello everyone,
I’m Devina and I’m passionate about massage and healing. I feel both blessed and exhilarated the second I put my hands on someone to begin a treatment. I’ve been involved in massage and healing for about 30 years. I remember in my teens and early 20s, I had no idea what my calling was. I asked the universe to guide me into work that involved two things: one, that I be my own boss and two, that I use my hands, as one of my interests was playing the piano. Then one day I booked in for a facial and massage with a beauty therapist. The minute she began massaging I felt like I had been given a Divine slap! I said out loud, “This is it, this is what I’m meant to do.” The next week I signed up for a massage course. That was back in 1984. Then I found to my surprise that energetic healing came naturally to me.
As for the psychic and intuitive side, that has always been with me. I remember at the age of 10 walking into the kitchen where mum and dad were talking and I demanded they change my name to Deborah. Naturally they refused. I was most indignant and told them that if I ever had a baby girl when I grew up, I would name her Deborah Rose or Deborah Marie. Years later at the age of 33 I decided to look for my natural birth mother. Unfortunately I discovered she had passed away the year before my search, however I did find out that prior to giving me up for adoption she had given me the name Deborah Marie, Wow. I thought back to when I was 10 and realised that I had probably totally freaked out my adoptive parents. That’s where my psychic and intuitive ability began.

I also love and adore all animals and have done a lot of animal voluntary work. As a result I donate 50% of my income to animal rescue and welfare. I have deep compassion when it comes to people grieving the loss of their animal friends. I prefer not to use the word pets as I feel it is very condescending to our animal friends and companions, whether they be on this side or the other.

A lot of my understanding comes from having lost 18 animals of my own. They bless us so much when they are with us and I know how much they leave us totally empty and devastated when they pass away.