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Relaxation Spa Massage

This is all about unwinding and 'chillaxing'. It's about slipping into luxurious tranquility and thinking of nothing. Enjoy.

Deep Tissue Massage is similar to Swedish Massage, but deeper pressure is applied, which is more beneficial in releasing muscle tension.

Injury Massage is for people involved in sports or anybody who has long term or recent injuries.

Holistic Massage is tailored to suit each individual. It is all about the “whole” person, the emotional, the physical and the spiritual.

Reiki Massage is a very gently massage combined with Reiki (Universal Life Force energy) that channels through the practitoner.

This treatment speaks for itself. It is nurturing for the emotions, balancing for the hormones and uplifting for the spirit and soul.

The Om Clearing Massage is a profound way of experiencing the beauty, the peace and the true mindfulness of the Om chant.

This luxiourous treatment relieves tired, aching feet, ankles and legs, releases stress and assists with anxiety and insomnia, while revitalising the senses.

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